You have just redefined the term “sweet” for me, love. No one has ever shown how much they care about me like how you did that night. When I couldn’t think straight, when I didn’t know what to do or how to feel, when I couldn’t even eat right, you knew what I needed was you. Aside from not having seen you for days… you showed up. You actually showed up in my tough time. Thank you for that, and thank you for the calming hugs and the talks.

And I miss you even more now. I miss staring at those round eyes of yours. And your dimple. hhhhhhhh…..


I see the pattern now, whenever I don’t see you for more than 48 hours, the next time I’m going to see you I will have the jitters. Sweaty palms, racing heartbeats, unable to concentrate at work. Dying basically. Dying to see you, that is. I would be counting down to the minute to seeing you. It has been more than 3 days now and I’m reaaally hoping to see you tomorrow, and you won’t believe how the sweaty palms and the crazy heartbeats is making me tossing and turning in my bed right now. Seeing you is such a special moment for me.

You’re so lovely, how are you even real?


You know one of those kisses we’ve done, the kiss where my lips press against yours so hard and my fingers trace your hair and my hand traces the outline of your head, down to your back and your hip and thinking if you’re mine and I’m yours? I need that right now, because missing you this badly just ain’t right…

No one knows the mystery of your arrival. Of your arrival in my head. Of your arrival in my days and never leave. No one knows. Not even you, perhaps. But I guess everyone knows the chaotic feelings I have whenever you are in the same room as I am, I mean the sudden rosy cheeks, the clammy hands, the cheekbone smiles. They are signs of falling for someone, aren’t they?

And at night I crave you in the most ridiculous ways possible. I crave to say good night and give you forehead kisses and nose kisses and to say that I adore you and obsessed with you and just want to lie there with you. Like right now, how I wish I have met you this afternoon. How I wish I could’ve driven you home from work. And I’ve been replaying our “adventurous” moments of exploring the cities. There’s so much more places to visit, baby girl. come with me… So much more memories to make to accompany my sleepless nights and raise a cheekbone smile.

If you only knew how much those little moments with you mattered to me.

She wears the perfume that turned my life around. The smell that will always remind me of how happiness feels like. How the end of a long anticipation of meeting her smells like. And when I smell the perfume, I know that she’s here. I know that she’s here with me, and I can hug her tight, run my fingers through her delicate hair, interlock my fingers with hers.

That’s the evening made with poetry and swirling milk in coffee sipped at the break of dawn.

What is this whole package that you have, love? It isn’t enough that you’re knowledgable on many things people your age are foreign about, you’re also a beast in giving sexual pleasure. You really have taken all the things that I did not know I have out of me. I didn’t know that I have such fetishes. I didn’t know that I have many spots on my body that could turn me on instantly when they’re licked, kissed or touched. You brought it all out. And I did not know that multiple orgasm is a real thing… until you gave it to me. It was a night where my body shook so ridiculously hard and I couldn’t speak for I had to gasp for air. I want more of it, love. More!

Whenever you kiss my nose, the next thing I would do is to kiss your lips. Slowly. Barely no lust within. I just want to kiss you slowly like there’s no place I’d rather be. Kissing you without having my hand beneath your skirt as the end goal of the evening. I’d kiss you and forgotten how any other mouth I’ve kissed taste like. Kissing you with your cheeks in my hand. Kissing you until your lips are red and puffy. Kissing you like I was about to walk you up on a stage and see you dancing under the spotlight, like you’re the only thing that I would want to see. Kissing you until you feel that my love for you is real. Kissing you until you forget where we are. I’d laugh into your mouth, and you inhale my sighs, my moans, my soul. … and when I ask you what 2+2 is, I could listen you say my name in the answer.