D Day Minus 26

On the 26th day of us together, you left me for London, for 7 days. And it was miserable for me.


D Day Minus 27

27 days to go until we don’t have each other, and we managed to have a small argument 😦 Let’s stop! Let’s create sweet memories instead, like the on when we drove all the way to the cinema to watch that weird-ass movie to support our friend’s work. And we managed to make out in the parking lot and came in late to the cinema. Sweet and LOL 🙂

D Day Minus 28

I just came home from dinner with you. I had our old stack of Uno cards with me but I forgot to take it out from my bag because we were so carried away talking about favorite things. About Kylie Jenner. About your dogs.

What are we going to do at this time, 28 days from now when we’re no longer together, I wonder? I just can’t imagine.

This reminds me of the time we played Uno the first time… about 28 days after we got together. I kept on losing and you kept on winning, and whenever that happens you laughed… and the dimple that made me fall for you appeared. I want to kiss that dimple on your right cheek :*

D Day Minus 29

Time flies nowadays, and it shouldn’t be especially when the destination isn’t the place you look forward to. I remember it was about this time I drove you home the first time after we hungout at that place that is now closed down. Too bad that they closed down, huh?

I figured it will take around 2 hours, but hhhhh… it took us so much faster to get there. We held hands all the way to your place where you kissed me good night.

Your house isn’t too far from my parents’. And at that moment I realized that, if it isn’t thatbgreat of a distance, maybe I should visit them more often, and so I did. My oarents and I have grown much closer now. You being the good out of me. This is why I smurf you so much.

D Day Minus 30

One whole month to go, and we didn’t even get to spend the weekend together. What went through my head the whole weekend were memories that I don’t want to let go of and I surely won’t, and I’m scared that you will forget them easily. I’m scared that you will someone better than me (pfffttt, you won’t!) that can erase our memories.

I remember this one time, about a month after we got together and we couldn’t see each other properly at the office. Was a busy day. When we finally sat down in the same meeting in the afternoon, I told you how much I’ve missed you and wanted to hold your hand, and under the table your hand reached to mine, and we held hands all through the meeting. Fuck the meeting, I was happy!

Maybe I should write the countdown with memories, from the 30th day we got together to the first day. I think I will do just that.

D Day Minus 31

I find you very fascinating. If there is anything that makes me a better person isn’t the education I had in schools, nor my jobs… it’s you. All I want to do is to introduce people to you, to talk to people about you. About how you make me feel. Just… just about you. A million feelings, a thousand thoughts, a hundred memories… all for just one person.

So, let’s talk about you then. From you, I know how to value the most important thing in life: time. And how little of it that we have, especially now. And how much of good things in a love-life that I can’t decide which one that make me smile every morning, the fact that I will read a sweet “good morning text from you or the fact that I’m going to have my heart beats faster because I might going to see you today… I might not 🙂

D Day Minus 32

A peculiar relationship needs a peculiar ending. As much as I think that what we have is a normal relationship, you think otherwise. We don’t actually have a reason to end this, the reason why we need to end us is the exact reason why we started us. My circumstances isn’t the most comfortable circumstances for you to face daily. So, okay, let’s have a peculiar ending, let’s schedule our official break up date. It is 32 days from now.

A mixed feelings of anger, confusion and sadness boiled down to what I would call an emotional apocalypse. I just had a cup of coffee and I couldn’t enjoy it because I know that everytime I drink coffee, I remember that one coffee place we used to go to in weekends. We have been together for so long that everything I do at some point must have been done when you’re around. From here on out, every little thing I do will remind me of you… hhhhh…

You are not my typical anything, but somehow uniquely everything. I want you, I want all of you. You are everything that I want. I’ve given everything I’ve got, but it’s not enough for you. You still dont trust me.

I continued giving you everything, but you still don’t trust me.

Now I’m running out of me to give out to you, and you still don’t trust me.

I’m never enough.